Commitment is an act of acknowledging who you are and what you stand for. It is right up the top of your personal list of values that structure how you live your life. You may have these values written or you may just live them without realising from day to day. Commitment is where truth, honesty and integrity are born, commitment is your word, its strong and powerful, it does not need a legal contract it comes from the heart and deep down we all know the truth.

Commit to being committed. Be extraordinary by taking a stand. Commit to living a life of excellence, commit to nourishing a powerful healthy body. Choose commitment to getting the absolute most out of life. Commit to a powerful mind. Think positive thoughts intensely, don’t get angry, centre, be present and respond. Don’t get impatient; stop look and enjoy exactly what is around you.

Commit to your relationships with family and friends, just try harder, giving up is just too easy. Apologise, forgive, love. Commitment is just so powerful, it takes courage and it takes work. There is great joy and love that emanates from living your truth no matter what. Be committed to others, smile, offer service; don’t just look at what is in it for you. Live passionately and constantly seek ways to improve the quality of life of people around you. Commit to living fully engaged. Take action now. Dump the past it just holds you back, make loose plans for the future but remember the future is just a story. Open your heart and feel the incredible essence of life NOW.

-Andy Dickinson-

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  1. Selma on August 24, 2009 at 12:12 am

    commit to leading others to commit as well – thanks andy

  2. Selma on August 24, 2009 at 1:06 am

    Commit to…

    Create a neutral environment to work in, free of clutter and free of the past. Only keep the things you use.

    Surround yourself with role models.

    Educate yourself in every situation.

    Fully understand on many different levels not just from your point of view. When you are wrong admit you are wrong – improve yourself don’t pass your crap onto others.

    Money is not the wholly grail – your mind is – money follows a good mind

    The only way to be successful is to be happy and transfer your happiness on in business and in life. No one will buy your product is you are not excited by it – if you are not happy living it or using it. A product created with negativity sells that negativity with it.

    When you feel down or low on energy, when your mind tells you that is all over you have lost, when the negativity and ego take over, when you feel that there is no point – you don’t have the energy and cant happy because there is just more bad then good – take the time to relax, surround yourself with your motivators, with your role models and exercise your body. Sweat is the path to light. Meditate, believe that you have won and you will win, on one level or another

    When you are overwhelmed, start something you believe is positive and see what happens

    if you are crazy enough to do whatever it takes the negativity will stay out of your way

    Try to see positive and beauty in every situation

    Live happily and drive others to do the same thus making your life more productive, easier and moving forward all the time.

    Commit to believing that life in an opportunity.

  3. andy on August 24, 2009 at 1:11 am

    Thanks so great Selma, thanks so much for sharing it. I’m going to print it out and share it. Andy

  4. adam on August 25, 2009 at 1:00 pm

    great words Selma …

    – – – – – –

    it all comes down to truth.

    seeking it out in everything and knowing it within yourself.

    some people see “truth” as nothing more than what we choose to believe in the moment. but it is so much more than this – when you strip everything away – social status, financial wealth, emotions, etc … truth is all that is left … all that matters.

    the “commitment” is this – can you express yourself honestly in everything you do?

    i must also remember that, in order to give “commitment” and find “truth”, i have to endure the pain of seeing “dishonesty” in myself.

    then i have the healing option of emptying the self of pride in order to find the honesty and truth that surpasses social game-playing and can truly commit to anything i choose.

    whenever i sit down alone, i explain to myself that commitment is not a process to discover some mysterious truth that lies buried in the unconscious like a hidden treasure. the process of commitment really involves learning to be honest, and through that honesty i will come to discover “truth” as a living grace, not as an intellectual abstraction. this means that through commitment i will learn to be honest with others; it also means that i will learn to be honest with myself.

    this honesty involves learning how to express openly to myself or another person the fullness of my immediate inner experience, by setting aside all my characteristic psychological defenses. and to do that, i have to come to terms with the emotional pain that caused those defenses to come into being in the first place. of course, that pain originated through parental and other social interactions in my childhood, but, just as i continue to encounter these same sorts of painful feelings through social interactions in my adult life, i will also encounter these feelings as a result of interactions between myself and my quest for truth. this is the essence of my own therapeutic relationship. i confront my pain directly through commitment, without running from it, so that i can heal it and transform it.

    – – – – – –

    the people who are crazy enough to believe they can change their world and the worlds of others are the ones who actually do.

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