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    “You standing up to that bully by calling him out was a classic example and your honest recollection about your childhood allows the reader to get a sense of your journey and the elements that would shape your life in years to come."

    Jay Laga’aia

    Actor Singer Writer Early Childhood Educator and Father of 8

    “A fascinating insight into the rugged life of a bouncer from a wise insightful human. Andy is a great man with immense integrity and honour. If there is anyone who can take on the challenge of PD it is Andy.”

    Tom Cronin

    World renowned meditation teacher and founder of The Stillness Project

    "Andy embodies an attitude and approach to life that makes you think anything is possible. His story helps you realise you can deal with whatever the world throws at you. And that is truly inspirational."

    Valerie Khoo

    "An inspiring read written by a true warrior, Andy faces the challenges in life with courage.”

    Peter FitzSimons

    Journalist and a motivational speaker

    “A vivid and absorbing story of an exciting fighting life."

    Mark Dapin

    Award winning author and journalist

    “Although I have only known Andy for two years now after meeting through our common bond of Parkinson’s, his good bloke attitude was immediately noticed. Andy is a fighter in many ways that run far deeper than throwing punches."

    Clyde Campbell

    Founder of The Shake it up Foundation.

    “Andy Dickinson’s life story is true example of someone who has lived the hero’s journey and confronted and overcome their obstacles and challenges. A great read."

    Dr Swami Shankardev Saraswati