Ancient Tradition
Warrior Upgrade
The Warrior Upgrade delves into the remarkable life journey of Andy Dickinson.

After extensive contemplation of the concept of a warrior over the years, Andy outlines the timeless qualities available to everyone, which epitomise modern warriorship.

Driven by the profound impact these classic characteristics have had on his own life, this book offers a foundation in invaluable lessons for those seeking to conquer obstacles and live life to its full capacity.
Ancient Tradition
Stand Tall Book
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Ancient Tradition
Stand Tall Book
Tom Cronin
Coach, Meditation, Author, Film-Maker
Stand Tall
Stand Tall Book
Peter FitzSimons
One of Australia’s biggest selling non-fiction authors
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Stand Tall 

 A Journey from Boy to Man to Master

Train with Andy Sensei

40 years of martial arts body, mind and spirit.

I first commenced the martial arts journey as a way to learn to defend myself.

Growing up with fear and shame as constant companions, Andrew Dickinson knows firsthand the struggles of life and finding meaning in the midst of it all. When faced with insurmountable difficulties and incredible odds stacked against him, he simply wouldn’t give up and kept going when others quit.

A challenging childhood with strenuous relationships set him on a journey to discover the questions about the nature of our existence, the unspoken longings of every person’s heart.  Andrew started a journey to answer deeper questions like ‘Who am I’ and ‘What is my purpose?’ which resonate with everyone not satisfied with what life has on offer.

A true Aussie and a fighter at heart, Andrew discovered the martial arts at the age of 17 which became a vehicle for not only learning to fight but also the development of his spirit. His relentless pursuit of becoming one of the best in martial arts took him all over the globe. His martial arts career saw him travel from Australia to the United States, South Korea, Thailand, the Philippines and many other countries to perfect his skills. However, his focus was always on training for a greater purpose and gaining a greater understanding of himself.

The highlight was his time spent in Japan, a country he had been fascinated with as a child, to find a new depth of martial arts. The power of the lessons he learned there continue to shape Andrew’s life today. In fact, it was the turning point of his life.

Each experience taught him a new lesson which Andrew uses to pass on an important life skill which has profound meaning and carries importance for everyone wanting to learn the true meaning of life.

When Andrew was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease he used his rich life experience to turn this dreadful diagnosis into something to learn and grow from. He refused to let his life be characterised and overshadowed by this chronic and progressive neurological disease that affects millions of people worldwide.

Instead, Andrew has chosen to approach his disease as yet another challenge in life which he faces head on. He regards Parkinson’s as just a part of a bigger picture of his life where his diagnosis, though potentially devastating, set him free and enabled him to finally live his life. Andrew’s motto is that if you face your challenges head on, regardless of the outcome, you can always stand tall.

This book is a message of hope, love and peace showing that no matter what we are faced with in life, living your truth will guide you to a deeper understanding of who you are and, ultimately, peace.


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Warrior Upgrade

Paper Back - Ancient Tradition, Modern Warrior


Paper Back - Stand Tall

Stand Tall Book


Andy Dickinson Stand Tall eBook

“I had the pleasure of meeting Andy’s late father Alan George Dickinson, whom this book is dedicated to. I’ve known Andy in excess of 30 years through our association in the classical martial arts of Japan. I have followed Andy’s journey since, both in Australia and Japan.

Not only has he had the unique opportunity to have studied two koryu jūjutsu traditions throughout his life to a high level of skill, he and has also received diplomas of proficiency in Tenjin Shinyō Ryū jūjutsu (Kubota Toshihiro sensei) and Daitō Ryū Aikijūjutsu (Kondo Katsuyuki sensei) rarely seen outside Japan."

Philip Hinshelwood

Yagyū Shingan Ryū Heihōjutsu (jūjutsu) Kyodensho Chikuosha Australia, 2021.

“A remarkable person, Andy Dickinson’s important contributions and
inspirational leadership have not gone unnoticed. Bringing together
classical tradition with contemporary insight, this martial arts master has
succeeded in linking together defensive functionality with physical fitness
and holistic awareness into an exciting transformative pathway of

Patrick McCarthy マカシー パトリック Hanshi 9th Dan 範士九段

International Ryukyu Karate-jutsu Research Society

“You standing up to that bully by calling him out was a classic example and your honest recollection about your childhood allows the reader to get a sense of your journey and the elements that would shape your life in years to come."

Jay Laga’aia

Actor Singer Writer Early Childhood Educator and Father of 8

“A fascinating insight into the rugged life of a bouncer from a wise insightful human. Andy is a great man with immense integrity and honour. If there is anyone who can take on the challenge of PD it is Andy.”

Tom Cronin

World renowned meditation teacher and founder of The Stillness Project

"Andy embodies an attitude and approach to life that makes you think anything is possible. His story helps you realise you can deal with whatever the world throws at you. And that is truly inspirational."

Valerie Khoo

"An inspiring read written by a true warrior, Andy faces the challenges in life with courage.”

Peter FitzSimons

Journalist and a motivational speaker

“A vivid and absorbing story of an exciting fighting life."

Mark Dapin

Award winning author and journalist

“Although I have only known Andy for two years now after meeting through our common bond of Parkinson’s, his good bloke attitude was immediately noticed. Andy is a fighter in many ways that run far deeper than throwing punches."

Clyde Campbell

Founder of The Shake it up Foundation.

“Andy Dickinson’s life story is true example of someone who has lived the hero’s journey and confronted and overcome their obstacles and challenges. A great read."

Dr Swami Shankardev Saraswati

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