What is taking the space? We often hear the phrase, “taking the space”.  Taken literally it can mean to see an opportunity where nothing exists and then taking up residence in that void. May be even as simple as taking the spare parking space, or moving into an area in a crowded room that has not been taken up. or say in business, the ideal business plan for easy success is to find that niche that has not been taken and develop your business with in that space.

In martial arts, taking the space is a great way to become aware of the distance between you and your training partner or opponent. Once they move into that space that you are monitoring, you can see their every action. This simple idea is great for daily life as well and reflects more the metaphor of taking the space.

So when ever things are getting a little stressed or if there is a sense of uneasiness or conflict, taking the space is simply stepping back or stepping away and making some distance between you and whatever is going on. This may mean just stopping everything and grabbing a couple of deep breathes. Or it could mean removing yourself completely and setting a new path for your life. But the important thing is to allow some distance and this is where the space occurs.

Taking the physical space does not necessarily mean that you are taking the mental or spiritual space. Quite often we can create distance but we take the same old mental dialogue with us no matter where we go, though taking the physical space is a great first step. The beauty of taking the mental space is that we don’t necessarily have to remove ourselves from where we are or what we are doing.  You can take the mental space by simply changing your attitude. You are stressed out at work, deadlines etc, take the space  by turning and looking out the window, doesn’t matter what the weather is like, just that simple act of looking away from what is in front of you will work wonders to create mental space, a few seconds at a time.

10 tips for “Taking the Space”.

1. Become aware that there is a neutral space that you can tap into.

2. This space can be body mind or spirit.

3. The business space is not reinventing the wheel, it may mean taking a  better  look at what you are already doing.

4. Take the physical space by removing yourself from agro situations. Choose not to get involved, just adds to more stress. This may simply mean just doing the complete opposite to the antagonist. Not responding and being still and neutral.

5. Create a space each day by taking time out for something that you really enjoy that totally removes you from your normal run of the day routines. Though I am a martial artist, I love Tango dancing, drawing and just simply walking around my small garden .

6. Take the emotional space by living your truth in relationships. Ducking and weaving in relationships takes so much extra stress and energy..

7. take the mental space by taking several deep breaths regularly during the day.

8. Take space from the constant dialogue going on in your mind by paying attention to the senses one at a time.

9. Take the moral space by walking your talk as much as possible

10. Take the spiritual space by learning the art of meditation.

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  1. donna on August 18, 2009 at 10:30 pm

    loved the article.
    GREAT new site… congrats Andy.


  2. andy on August 18, 2009 at 11:25 pm

    Thanks Donna, Great to hear from you, how is “Posture Plus” going?

  3. Ben O on August 16, 2013 at 11:44 am

    Great thoughts and standing the test of time… as relevant today as when you wrote them two years ago. Thanks Sensei

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