It is up to you! There is a quantum leap in your awareness when you realise with certainty that you are responsible for your own life. Once this awareness sits in your soul, you can shape a life by design and not by default. Designing the way that you want to live means you take personal ownership of how you want to look, feel and act.

No amount of thinking about taking control of your life will last. It takes discipline, determination and patience. To start you on the right path, even by reading the material below may resonate deep with in you.

Awareness:  Only you can monitor, adjust and respond to your internal dialogue. Most of our lives are lived in the effects of others actions. Having a refined sense of awareness you can see situations with more clarity, feel them on a subtle level seeing the cause and not the effects of action and habitual thought patterns.

Stillness:  The one underlying, never changing constant is stillness. It is there before any action, during the action and after the action. Become aware of this stillness by pausing between activities. This pause stops a build up of energy and allows you to become aware. Conscious action can now be launched from this still awareness.

Neutral:  Once you become aware of this still awareness you can see your thoughts, reactions and responses with more clarity. This enables observation of the thoughts and creates a gap away from them. With in this gap you have a chance to take control of how you want to respond. All situations that present themselves are neutral, it is just our thoughts about them that colours our reaction.

Ways to take control

1. Stop, breathe and be still. Close the eyes and count the breath from 1-5. Do this 3 times per day.

2. Practise meditation for 20 minutes each morning.

3. Exercise everyday for at least 20 minutes.

4. Practise the art of “non judgement” for one day, regardless of what you think.

Be an active participant in your life. Forget ego, pride, or any other false limitation. Take a chance, you might just learn something really valuable about yourself.

Leave nothing on the Mat.


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