Did you think that it was going to be easy? Did you think that Martial Arts was going to be like any other sport, pastime or hobby? I keep saying time and time again that martial arts is more than just a physical movement. Martial arts is marketed as a body , mind, spirit, way to health but most if not all martial arts teachers fall short of the mark and have no idea what the mind/ spirit part entails.

Mind training is not just talking to yourself over and over again and hoping your deep habitual patterns of thinking will change. Mind training in martial arts is much deeper and questions who you think you are.

How easily is our mental balance broken? I have to tell you…it’s real easy. It can be broken by a look, a stare, one word or even a tone of voice.  How quickly can a friend turn on you because they did not like the way you spoke to them. As a martial artist this is your real work. The physical side is the easy stuff, the mental and emotional stuff takes many years, but this is your real training and is far more valuable as a life skill than any self defence move.

As a martial arts teacher, I have a real difficult job. My easy work is the physical teaching, my hard work is trying to teach the people about themselves and move them on to a realisation that their thinking is the source of all their suffering.

In Martial Arts, as you go through the belt levels, your emotional balance will be tested. Lets face it, unless we can handle a little mental pushing and shoving in the dojo, what chance do we have in real life? Do we come out a Black Belt but do not have the emotional control to handle it the first time a stranger verbally assaults us or a car accidently cuts us off.

Learning martial arts,  you will be challenged. If you quit because you don’t like the way you are spoken to then you have missed the biggest lesson and it is your problem. I am teaching people martial arts and will continue to challenge the edges to bring people to a higher awareness of themselves. Few will be lucky enough to understand the brilliance of this journey. Most just leave and complain/blame the vehicle of their growth as the problem.

10 things to think about…

1. All situations are neutral.
2. You can never know what another is thinking.
3. Our ego continues to grow and our habits strengthen the older we get.
4. Awareness starts with letting go.
5. Try and not react, just take one breath.
6. Go from zero fuse to a fuse.
7. No one can hurt your feelings, only your thoughts about it can.
8. The mind can justify anything, anytime, any place.
9. The present moment is your only real freedom.
10.Commit to learning more about who you are…really.


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