Powerful Kicks

Every morning the same thing. I would wake up and greet the day with a stab of pain in my lower back. Doubled over I would do my best to straighten out by slowly stretching. I would go to see various doctors, chiropractors, physios and oesteos that would x ray, scan and MRI and they all said the same thing: after years of kicking in martial arts I had re shaped my lower back and other than clunking it back into place to get temporary relief, there was nothing they could do. The best thing that I could do was to never kick again, which meant no sparring and limited my teaching.

Things seemed pretty hopeless until a friend recommended I try Pilates. I had heard of it but thought it was just another type of stretching. Boy was I wrong. I started off doing a lesson a week and slowly started to gain strength. You see, all the years of kicking and sit ups had strengthened my outer stomach and back muscles but left my core weak. The Pilates training worked by turning on and focusing on the core inner stomach muscles strengthening from the inside out.

j pilates

Joseph Pilates, 1957, 1982

After 12 months I was back kicking and punching, no more lower back pain since, stronger than ever. With just a few simple Pilates exercises you can to brace your deeper core muscles making your kicks more powerful than ever before.

You see The power from your kicks comes from your core ab muscles and by bracing your deep ab muscles when you kick enhances the stability, flexibility and power of your kicks.

My personal Pilates trainer is Liz Cunliffe, the owner of Dynamic Physique Pilates. Liz now has a limited number of places available for 30 minute private sessions designed especially for Northstar members.  If you are interested please email me.







  1. Gordon Gilkes on February 17, 2016 at 5:01 pm

    Awesome to see Andy grow into the great business leader he is today. A true inspiration for the rest of us who wish to live by a code of values . Great work Andy! Ill be buying your book today and am looking forward to the next development of your fabulous business.

    • andy on February 18, 2016 at 1:13 pm

      Thanks Gordon, very kind words. Your business is also an inspiration, cant wait to share stories over lunch.

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